September 1, 2020

Why hire a wedding planner?

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If you are reading this post you are probably wondering whether hiring a planner is worth the additional expense. Let's be real! Weddings are expensive and there are times when it is necessary to cut down on costs! 

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a planner as a necessity: 

(1) We keep everything on schedule. Imagine being distracted socializing with guests that you forget to cut the cake until it is time to leave. Wedding day flies by, from taking it all in and spending the day with your loved ones. Let us take the stress off of you by having us make sure all the big moments are able to happen! 

(2) We become the point person for vendors. When a vendor has a question, do you want them to come to you while you are either in the middle of pictures or on the dance floor with your friends? With a wedding planner, vendors will be look to the planner to provide the answer to their questions. 

(3) Packing up personal decor. At the end of the evening, are you going to want your friends + family (or yourself) to stay and pack up personal decor? After a day celebrating the last thing you will want to do is clean up! Let us handle it for you!We will pack up decor and either leave it in the designated area for pick up the following day or pack it in the vehicle for you!

(4) Setting up. While getting ready, are you going to want to stress about setting up your decor? It's your day, you should be with your besties getting pampered and ready to say "I Do"! At the walk through we discuss where all of your decor will go and make sure everything is set up the way you envisioned! 

(5) What if a problem arises? If for some reason something doesn't go accordingly to plan, we do what we do best! Problem solve! Whether it's a bridesmaids dress that the strap breaks (I've got my sewing kit) or someone to fluff your dress before you walk down the aisle! We make sure to have everything covered! 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! Whether its something you have been planning for months or just starting to plan, a wedding planner is a great expense to help make sure everything runs smoothly! 

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